Productive efficiency and industrial globalization in the manufacture of bathroom furniture

To be able to offer quality product and adapted to our customer's needs is our hallmark.

We sell volume customers specializing in online sales


We sell volume customers, such as large supermarkets and DIY


We develop products exclusively for large distributors, based on an idea or a design of the client in question

The company


Backed by a cutting edge technology in our production process, BATHSPAZIO provides the most optimal and effective solution, either through our product range in their various combinations, or by setting a custom line of advice enabling every customer to develop their ideas.

Our Values

Technological development

Anticipating the future, BATHSPAZIO feature industrial robots and technical capital ensuring an effective and immediate response to any production need.

Versatility and functionality

Our technical and design teams perfectly combine functionality and trends, giving way to timeless product lines with their own personality.

Our collections

Our product lines offer a wide range of finishes and combinations, complemented by an excellent value for money that gives them access to every pocket.


We are committed to the sustainability of the environment, not only avoiding unproductive waste and ensuring a clean production process but also using PEFC certified materials.

Certified quality

Our brand has been recognized by its productive efficiency and quality of service by various prestigious entities, being certified in our excellence at an international level.

A global challenge, international idea

Without neglecting the domestic market which we consider key; our firm moves towards an idea of globalized expansion allowing us to be present in more than 30 countries.